Top Reasons Organizations Pick a Print Provider

Listed above are the results of a survey recently performed by a print industry group. They asked a broad range of businesses and organizations about their criteria for selecting a print provider; the top reasons are listed in priority order. It’s interesting to note how closely they follow the slogan of Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas: QUALITY – SERVICE – VALUE

#1 – Quality will always be the top priority at Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas. Nothing else matters (price, turnaround time, or anything else) if the quality is substandard. When you are buying custom printed materials, you’re buying products printed and finished specifically for you. Quality standards, personnel knowledge and training, and equipment capabilities vary wildly between companies. Go with someone that you can trust.

#2 – Ability to meet promised deadlines is a multi-faceted issue. First is the “promise”. If we make a commitment (the promise), we will do anything and everything to meet that commitment. We know that you are depending on us. Second is the “ability”, which encompasses several factors:

  • Capability – capable equipment, proven processes, and trained, knowledgeable personnel.
  • Capacity – ability to produce the necessary volume in the specified time.
  • Management – prioritizing, tracking, and coordinating work to ensure that the project is completed as promised, including effectively dealing with any and all unforeseen events.
  • Supply chain – having the necessary processes, capabilities, and support, both internal (noted above) and external (vendors, suppliers, and others) to get things done.

#3 – Competitive pricing is essential. Low-ball pricing usually means that something (quality or service) is being left out. High pricing often means that you are being overcharged (quality and service may be good, but high pricing means that the total value is low).

#4 – Best value is the optimum combination of quality, service, and price. The objective of Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas is to provide great quality and outstanding service at a competitive price. This provides the best possible value for our customers. Compromising on quality or service is false economy.

#5 – Expert advice is what you get at Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas. Some of our competitors use inexperienced customer service personnel with minimal training (aka order takers). Our experienced, knowledgeable representatives can guide you, provide suggestions, and answer any questions that you may have about a printing, graphic design, and/or mailing project. We specialize in the unusual, the difficult, and the near-impossible – just ask!

#6 – Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas has a very broad range of services, including graphic design, digital printing, offset printing, large format printing, bindery, and mailing services. This diverse array of capabilities enables us to complete 95% of our jobs in-house, which allows us to maintain very high quality standards, fast turnaround, and competitive pricing.

#7 – Relationship with dedicated reps – You can request to work with one particular rep if you feel most comfortable with them. We have numerous long-term customers who have been with us for many years who have developed a strong working relationship with a particular rep that they prefer to deal with. No matter who you work with, you will get a trained, knowledgeable representative who genuinely cares about doing an outstanding job for you.

#8 – Our new location is convenient for customers across Dallas and surrounding areas. We have front-door, covered, reserved parking for your convenience. Our location near the Dallas North Tollway, Northwest Highway, and Preston Road makes us easy to access from almost anywhere. Add in the Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas pickup and delivery services (yes, we’ll come to you!), and we can do whatever is necessary to facilitate the timely, low-stress completion and delivery of your project.

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