Stapling is one of the simplest – and most effective – methods of binding used today. The humble staple is undoubtedly the most widely used paper binding method in the world because of its low cost and high utility. In addition to stapling loose sheets together through the front corner of the page, we can also staple along the edge of a stack of sheets to provide a neat, cost-effective book-type binding. Stapling is also the binding method for booklets with wrap-around covers. For any type of paper stapling in Dallas TX, Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas has you covered!

Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas can also saddle-stitch (stapling along the spine of the booklet) magazines and other multi-page items such as bookletscatalogsdirectoriesannual reports, and newslettersSaddle stitching is a sturdy, durable, cost-effective, and attractive stapling option. The number of pages our saddle stitching equipment can staple together varies depending on the thickness of the paper used, but the results are the same every time: nice, clean, and professional. Contact the print professionals at Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas for your next print project that requires paper stapling in Dallas TX!

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