It may sound funny, but the technicians at Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas are experts at drilling holes. We have powerful and accurate paper drilling equipment that features many different sizes of paper drill bits and which enables us to drill holes just about anywhere on the sheet of paper. Some people think that we are punching holes in paper, but we actually drill holes, using precision hollow drill bits of the desired diameter.

If you want 3-hole drilling on your documents, be sure to remember to allow 1/2 an inch of extra margin for three-hole drilling along the side of the sheet of paper when laying out your document. If you need non-standard holes drilled, we can do that too! We often drill holes along the spine of wedding programs for ribbon insertion or two holes at the top of an invitation or announcement for bows to be tied at the top of the printed piece.

Here’s an interesting note: Did you know studies have shown that people tend to save printed items longer if they are three-hole drilled? Marketing experts think that subconsciously we tend to feel like we need to put a three-hole drilled sheet into a ring binder or save it for future reference.

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