Did you know that flyers were among the earliest printed pieces ever produced? Called broadsides, these single-sided sheets were used primarily for advertising and political purposes. Now, flyers can be produced using a number of methods: color copying / color digital printing, full color process printing, black and white copying / black and white digital printing, and offset printing in one, two, or more spot colors.

While the technology behind them has changed, flyers remain as popular as ever in today’s business world. They’re easy to produce, easy to distribute, and, most importantly, easy to quickly scan and read. Flyers remain a highly effective and inexpensive marketing piece.

Use your flyer to integrate with your web-based marketing efforts (such as your company’s website, YouTube videos of products and services, your Facebook page, etc.) by including a Quick Response (QR) Code on your flyer. When someone scans the QR code with their smartphone, they are immediately taken to the website designated by the QR code, where they can get even more information about your company and its offerings. Initial interest piqued by the flyer can be expanded by linking to additional (web-based) content.

Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas designs and prints flyers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and stocks of paper, with one, two, or multiple colors of ink. We can print your flyer in full color to give it extra pizzazz, or it can be printed in b&w. Flyers printed in black and white on colored paper are an inexpensive way to get the word out in way that will be noticed!  The next time you need help producing a flyer, give Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas a call!

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