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Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas is your source for political campaign mail that gets results!  Political campaign mail is mail that is created by a candidate or other political message organization, including Political Action Committees (PACs), Super-PACs, and other organizations engaging in issue advocacy or voter mobilization.

Voters read mail, and political campaign mail offers some unique marketing advantages:
  • Direct mail is BEST at targeting specific voters and telling a deeper story.
  • Nearly ALL mailpieces are at least viewed.
  • Mailpieces can be saved for future reference, taken to the polls, and shared with like-minded voters.
  • Hit home with 100% of your electorate - mail can be delivered to virtually every address in the United States by the USPS.
  • Customize messages to appeal to specific voter groups and swing voters - EMPHASIZE the points that are most relevant to each voter and most likely to increase support for your candidate or cause.  Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas can produce segmented mailings that maximize the effectiveness of your political campaign mail.
  • Mail can micro-target specific audiences - it is market segmentation at its best and most effective. 
Political campaign mail is a form of direct mail that is:
  • Targeted - focus your time, effort, and funds on specific voters.
  •  Measurable - learn what works and what doesn't work, and apply that knowledge to future mailings.
  • Tangible - voters can hold it and save it.
  • Powerful - use personalized messaging and graphics; use QR codes to link directly to your website for even more voter engagement and information availability.
  • Flexible - unlimited formats, including postcards, letters, folded mailers, newsletters, and more.  Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas can produce almost any type of mailpiece that you can imagine.
  • Cost effective - as inexpensive as a postcard.


Seven key rules of direct mail also apply to political campaign mail:

  • Let your visuals do most of the talking - do not use an excessive amount of verbiage.
  • Create a "scannable" mailpiece that can be quickly viewed and key points clearly made to the voter.
  • Keep it simple!
  • Make sure the layout flows (left to right, top to bottom).  The professional graphic designers at Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas can help you with the layout of your mailpiece to maximize its readability and effectiveness.
  • Ensure that it is relevant, so that it engages the voter.
  • Add footnotes for credibility - reference quotes and statistics for voters who want more detailed information.
  • Time the mailing for the best response - coordinate with other media, and time it relative to the election.

Different mail classes for political campaign mail include:

  • First-Class Mail:  use for personalized letters, fundraising invitations, or any communications with a personal touch.
  • Standard Mail:  ideal for sending postcards, printed flyers, advertisements, or newsletters.
  • Every Door Direct Mail:  allows you to mail to entire postal routes, as opposed to individual addresses.  You can saturate targeted neighborhoods with your political campaign message.


When Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas does political campaign mailings, we utilize Red PS Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing, to identify trays and sacks that contain political campaign mail.  Red PS Tag 57 ensures that your political campaign mail is treated with the highest priority by the USPS and is quickly processed and distributed (even standard mail is processed immediately, meaning that it is effectively treated like first-class mail).  Eligible mailings include registered political candidates and their associated campaign committees, political party committees, and political message mailings by Political Action Committees (PACs), Super PACs, or other organizations engaging in issue advocacy or voter mobilization.

Let the experts at Kwik Kopy Printing Dallas help with your political campaign mailings!  Give us a call or stop by to get started! 

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